Easter Hosting in downtown Kitchener

Holidays always seem to sneak up on us and before we know it we're scrambling to make sure we can impress our friends and family with the little details.

This year, we've curated a list of some perfect Easter host gifts that celebrate our local community here in downtown Kitchener:

Tulips from Living Fresh 

Bright shades of yellow and pink that remind everyone that spring is just about here. Our local floral shop, Living Fresh, stocks us with the best bouquets of Niagara tulips that are here only for our short Ontario spring season! 

 Ambrosia Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

A K-W treasure that everyone should have the pleasure of knowing. We have full sized (80g) bars and smaller (20g) bars, perfect for a decadent Easter treat.  Their feature bar for Easter is a Belize Chocolate with sea buckthorn and candied ginger. Sea buckthorn is a bright orange berry that grows in Ontario, harvested from its shrub in late August, than freeze dried for year-round use!

 Seeds for Spring

What better way to show someone you are thankful than setting them up for a bountiful spring with some Ontario seeds. We have a large variety of OSC and Aimers Organics seeds for herbs, flowers, greens and veggies. Ask us for suggestions of what grows best where and other ideas! 


 Buck Naked Soap

These locally-made, all-natural soaps are the perfect size and combination of smells to help your loved ones relax after the holidays. Try the Energizing Marigold, Citrus & Comfrey, or Charcol & Anise bars for uplighting spring scents. 


 Legacy Green's Candles & Bello Pop Matches

Candles are the gift that keep on giving! We've made all-natural Unscented, Key Lime, Rosemary Thyme, and Basil Grapefruit soy wax candles right here in our own kitchen. Pair a candle with a beautiful pack of Bello Pop matches for a great personalized gift set. 

Four All Ice Cream

We can't think of an easier claim to fame at the family party than showing up with pints of locally-made ice cream! Grab some plain & perfect Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Milk or go for more unique flavours like Coconut Cream Pie and Banoffee Crunch.