Wednesday Fall Box - Paid In Full
Wednesday Fall Box - Paid In Full

Wednesday Fall Box - Paid In Full

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The Fall Box Subscription is an 8-week produce box subscription that starts Wednesday, November 1st, 2017. Each box will include 6-7 local/seasonal items (ex. squash, Elmira's Own tomatoes, ground cherries, apples, herbs, greens, greenhouse crops (ex. cucumbers, peppers), root vegetables, spinach, kale, etc. (boxes will contain a mix of conventional and organic/ecological produce.

The Fall Box will not provide you with enough produce for the entire week, but it will give you a seasonal sampling of what's available locally!  It's geared toward 1-2 person households or small families.

Farms that we source produce include:

  • Legacy Greens (Atwood, ON)
  • Bowman's Organics (Wallenstein, ON) 
  • Loco Fields (Stratford, ON)
  • The Working Centre Hacienda Garden (Kitchener, ON)
  • Elmira's Own Tomatoes (Elmira, ON)
  • Middle O'Nowhere Farm (West Montrose, ON)
  • Fertile Ground Farm (St. Agatha, ON)
  • We also buy from the Elmira Produce Auction, a cooperative of farmers selling locally grown wholesale produce.

First Pick Up: Wednesday, November 1st, 2017
Last Pick Up: Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

Cost: $168 (which works out to $21 / week)

Should you have any questions, please let us know! or 519-760-2535.

Boxes will be available for pick up at the store (10 King Street East) on Fridays between 2pm and 7pm.


1) What do I need to do when I pick up my box?

  • Arrive at the store between 2pm and 7pm on your pick up day
  • Drop your name with a Legacy Greens staff member and we'll check you off the list.
  • The boxes are made of card board and are intended to be taken home and either re-used in your home or re-cycled. Should you want to limit your consumption of cardboard in this program, you may decide to bring a re-usable bag or container so you can transfer the contents of your box . Whatever is convenient for you!

2) What if I’m away on a pick-up day?

  • You have a couple options:
    • Give your box to a friend. No need to notify us, your friend can drop your name when they pick up.
    • If you notify us a week in advance, you can switch from Wednesday to Friday pick up.
    • If you notify us a week in advance, we will arrange to have a “doubled-up” box the week before or the week after you are away. Contact Jordan at
    • Please note that we do appreciate consistency as it's easier to manage for us, but we are happy to accommodate the occasional request.

3) I’m moving and I can no longer participate!

4) I'm driving, any advice on parking?

  • The parking lot behind the store on Goudie's lane is free after 5pm (2.25/hr otherwise)
  • Free 2 hour street parking in the downtown core
  • 2 hour parkade parking at Charles & Benton or Duke Street (between Ontario and Queen). $3.20 for the first 2 hours.