2 Cruffins: Tuxedo & Praline

2 Cruffins: Tuxedo & Praline

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Golden Hearth Bakery is partnering with Legacy Greens to make Valentine's Day Cruffins a dream come true.

What's a cruffin?  A croissant, shaped as a muffin, with an amazing filling.

Valentine Gift Box (2 cruffins):

  • Tuxedo: The Tuxedo boasts a swirled filling of white chocolate pastry cream and dark chocolate pastry cream, topped off with a bulb of rich creamy milk chocolate Namelaka and Hazelnut Dragees. Dressed up to the nines, it's all about the chocolate.

    • Dark Chocolate Cream
    • White Chocolate Cream
    • Milk Chocolate Namelaka
    • Hazelnut Dragees


  • Peanut praline: Filled with a caramelized peanut pastry cream, enrobed in a chocolate glaze and topped with a salty and sweet cluster of peanut brittle. This is a fresh take on a classic flavour combo.

    • Peanut Praline Cream
    • Chocolate Glaze
    • Salted Caramelized Peanut Clusters

A limited number of cruffin gift boxes will also be available for sale for lucky walk-in customers on February 14th.  Pre-orders are encouraged.

Pick up at Legacy Greens (18 Ontario St. N) between Noon and 7pm on Thursday, February 14th.

**Please note that the photos are a representation. The Valentine's cruffins are a one-of-a-kind specialty item curated and designed specifically for you on February 14th!