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Easter Hosting with the Most

Holidays always seem to sneak up on us and before we know it we're scrambling to make sure we can impress our friends and family with the little details. This year, we've curated a list of some perfect Easter host gifts that celebrate our local community:   Tulips from Living Fresh  Bright shades of yellow and pink that remind everyone that spring is just about here. Our local floral shop, Living Fresh, stocks us with the best bouquets of Niagara tulips that are here only for our short Ontario spring season!    Ambrosia Bean-to-Bar Chocolate A K-W treasure that everyone should have the pleasure of knowing. We have full sized (80g) bars and smaller (20g) bars, perfect for a decadent...

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How to DIY your own Christmas Gift Box

Gift wrapping is normally a big pain for me - last minute trips to Chapters, buying the wrapping paper that's in reach, and rushing out the door as holiday shoppers trample me in the process. Then I huddle up in my living room on Christmas eve, presents lined up to wrap, as scotch tape sticks to each of my fingers.  It's quite the time.  I've improved my wrapping skills the past few years after doing tons of gift baskets for our customers. So this year, we wanted to make it extra easy for you to do your own DIY Christmas baskets... So we made gift box packaging sets!!!  Here's what you do:  Step 1: Visit our online store at

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How to Rock your Legacy Greens Produce Box

We have been offering our produce boxes for over a year now, and have learned lots from our customers on how they rock their produce box subscriptions: Get excited…….. Those really cool heirloom tomatoes in your box – they were picked this morning – and we’re all nerding out. Welcome to a community of produce nerds. Be open to learning something new! You may have never tried kohlrabi before – and 2 weeks later you are the talk of a dinner party because you brought the hit dish (a kohlrabi, kale, apple and cranberry slaw). All because you ventured out – and took a weird vegetable and made it into something delicious. Up your Instagram game – we’ve spent about...

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